Vegetarian Entrees
Chana Bhatura
Chickpeas cooked with tomatoes, onions, and spices served with 2 pcs of fried dough
Aloo Puri
Curried potatoes served with 2 pcs fried unleavened whole wheat flour bread
Dal Tarka
Cooked yellow lentils tempered with spices and tomatoes made home style
Dal Makhani
Black lentils tempered with butter, onions, tomatoes and mildly spiced
Dum Aloo Kashmiri
Potatoes simmered in thick Kashmiri sauce with a hint of fennel
Chana Masala
Chickpeas cooked in chef’s special spices, made in Amritsari style
Navratan Korma
Diced mixed vegetables, pineapple and paneer in a creamy gravy with subtle flavors
Palak Kofta
Cheese balls simmered in a creamy flavorful spinach gravy, a mouthwatering concoction
Malai Kofta
Chef’s special dumplings in white gravy with cream and nuts and coconut
Akbari Kofta
Rich, Mughlai dumplings in nutty gravy, an authentic, traditional dish fit for Emperors
Paneer Lababdar
Indian cheese wrapped in thick gravy with ginger, garlic, onions and tomatoes
Raseela Rajmah
Thick red bean gravy, made with owner's family recipe
Paneer Tikka Masala
Marinated Indian cheese cubes, cooked in tandoor first then mixed with nut, tomato gravy
Palak Paneer
Cubed Indian cheese in flavorful creamed spinach
Kadhai Paneer
Cubed Indian cheese in onion gravy, tempered with spices and green bell peppers
Paneer Makhani
Indian cheese in buttered gravy made with with cashew nut paste and tomatoes
Gobi Aloo Masala
Home style cauliflower and potatoes cooked in typical Punjabi style
Baingan Bhartha
Roasted eggplant is mashed, cooked with chunks of onions,tomatoes, peas, tempered North Indian style
Bhindi Do Piyaza
Stir fried okra with onions, tomatoes and tangy spices
Methi Mattar Malai
Green peas and crushed fenugreek in a creamy cashew sauce
Mixed Vegetables
Cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots, peas, bell peppers cooked north Indian style
Mushroom Mattar
Green peas and fresh button mushrooms in exotic gravy
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Fresh cauliflower, mushrooms, peas, carrots, bell peppers in an exotic sauce
Punjabi Kadhi
Sauce made with lowfat yogurt, chickpea flour, north indian spices with chickpea flower dumplings
Mattar Paneer
Green Peas and Indian cheese in a curry made with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, etc.
Chicken Entrees (All Gluten-Free, boneless chicken breast)
Butter Chicken
Pieces of chicken breast grilled in tandoor cooked in a tomato cashew sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala
Boneless chicken breast grilled in tandoor and then cooked in a tomato cashew sauce and mild spices
Chicken Curry
Traditional Indian delicacy-chicken pieces cooked in onion, tomato based gravy infused with mild spices
Bhuna Chicken
Tender morsels of chicken breast cooked with onions and whole spices cooked over low heat
Chicken Adraki
Tender morsels of chicken breast meat cooked in a white ginger and cashew sauce
Chicken Kali Mirch
Ground black pepper and boneless chicken breast in white sauce
Saag Chicken
Tender and mildly grilled pieces of chicken breast cooked to perfection in blended spinach
Methi Chicken
Tender pieces of chicken breast cooked with cashew paste and fenugreek
Kadhai Chicken
Pieces of chicken breast cooked with traditional Indian spices, onions and bell peppers
Chicken Shahi Korma
The King of Mughlai cuisine, this dish dates back to the 16th century. The chicken gravy is prepared with ground spices and a sauce simmered on slow fire with coconut, cashew and cream, topped with nuts & raisins
Chicken Jalfrezi 
Pieces of boneless breast tossed together with green bell peppers, onions, a thick sauce, sweet and sour
Chicken Madras
Bonesless chicken breast pieces in flavorful spices and coconut milk
Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken pieces cooked in vinegar based vindaloo sauce
LAMB/MUTTON Entrees (All Gluten-Free, lean boneless)
Lamb Masala
Home style lamb, simmered to perfection in rich Indian gravy
Saag Lamb
Lamb cooked to perfection with onions, tomatoes and blended spinach
Lamb Rogan Josh
Another authentic fare from the Mughlai cuisine, its aromatic lamb pieces cooked in a red sauce
Lamb Vindaloo
Lamb in spice and vinegar based curry with potatoes, from the region of Goa
Rarha Gosth
Chunks of lamb and ground meat cooked with exotic Kashmiri spices
Karahi Lamb
Slow cooked in an open pot, lamb is immersed in a thick sauce with chunks of onion and bell pepper
Lamb Korma
Boneless lamb in korma sauce made with cashew paste and coconut
Goat Curry
SEAFOOD (All Gluten-Free)
Goan Fish Curry
Boneless fish simmered with Goan spices and coconut milk
Shrimp Garlic Butter Masala
Sautéed shrimp in garlic buttered tomato and cashew sauce
Shrimp Karahi
Shrimp in a rich gravy tempered with spices and green peppers
Shrimp Vindaloo
Shrimp in a red vinegar based sauce with potatoes, from the region of Goa
Shrimp Korma
A modern variation of the Mughlai cuisine, the shrimp gravy is prepared with ground spices and a sauce simmered on slow fire with cream, cashew and coconut. It can be prepared fiery hot on order
Fish Curry
Traditional North Indian style, wild caught pollock simmered in a flavorful curry sauce