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Vegetarian Appetizers
Half Orders are available for Appetizers
Paneer Tikka 
Chunks of Indian cheese marinated in spices and yogurt, grilled
Vegetable Samosa
Potatoes, peas, spices stuffed in a pastry, fried. 2 pieces.
Aloo Tikki, Tikki Chat
Fried spiced mashed potato patties served with chutney
Dahi Bhalla
Lentil balls topped with yogurt and tamarind chutney
Mixed Vegetable Pakoras
Fritters made with chopped spinach, onions and potatoes in chickpea flour batter
Sev Puri
Crunchy hollow balls made from flour dough filled with potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt and chutneys
Sambar Vada
Lentil balls served with sambar (lentil sauce) and coconut chutney
Samosa Chat
2 pieces of samosa topped with chickpeas, chutneys, yogurt & onion
Lehsuni Gobi
Bhel Puri (Contains Peanuts)
Vegetarian Sampler Platter
2 samosas, 2 paneer tikka, 6 pakoras and chickpeas
Chicken Appetizers (Half orders available)
Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken breast chunks marinated in spiced yogurt, baked in our tandoor oven, served with salad and mint chutney
Chicken Malai Kabab
Boneless chicken breast pieces marinated in yogurt, cream and spices
Haryali Kabab
Boneless chicken breast pieces marinated in spinach, mint, coriander, lime, spices, baked in tandoor
Tandoori Chicken
4 Pieces of whole chicken (half chicken) in a spiced yogurt marinade, baked in our tandoor oven and served with a coriander chutney, lemon wedges and sliced onion salad
Sheekh Kabab
Spiced minced chicken baked on a skewer, sliced and served with chutney
Chilli Chicken
Lamb Appetizers
Half Orders are available for Appetizers
Lamb Chops
Served with our house special chutney
Lamb Tikka
Chunks of boneless lean lamb marinated and cooked in a tandoor oven, served with chutneys
Seafood Appetizers (Half Orders Available)
Salmon Ajwani Tikka
Marinated wild caught salmon grilled, served with a small salad and chutney
Tandoori Shrimp Tikka
Tandoor cooked marinated shrimp (10 Pieces)
Fish Tawa Grilled
Filleted Tilapia fish pieces marinated in spices, grilled on a flat grill
Fried Fish Amritsari
A specialty from the Northern State of Punjab, a must try!
Kabab Platter (2 pcs of all kababs and shrimp tikka)